A Time for Reflection-Our Beliefs, Convictions & Core Values

This is Elisheva, Chaim’s wife, partner of 44 years and co-owner of C.G. Di Arie.  Chaim asked me to author the “Winemaker’s Corner” this month.  It’s been 15 years since we first landed in the Sierra Foothills.  During this time our lives changed dramatically.  From being city dwellers we became farmers and in a way we re-invented ourselves to the point that sometimes it seems like we never had a different life before coming here.

Our experiences as winemakers formed the foundation to the principles that we cultivated for this endeavor.  Chaim and I set down several evenings and we came up with the following that we would like to share with you.

To us winemaking has become an integral part of our lives.  As we became deeply rooted in it, it replaced to a great extent our cultural and our social lives.  If you look into the history of winemaking you will realize that winemaking encompasses many disciplines including geography, geology, topography, climate, soil, language, customs, symbolic & life cycle rituals and of course – food.

In the following paragraphs I have listed some of our thoughts, convictions and core values about wine.

We believe that wine should possess regional and varietal identities. We view the Amador and El Dorado Regions and the greater Sierra Foothills to be in the pantheon of California viticulture history.  Its unique climate, soil and topography offers us the ideal opportunity to cultivate a diverse number of grape varietals and to produce special quality wines.

We believe that the sense of taste is unique and subjective and we are suspicious of self-proclaimed olfactory prodigies.  While we think that wine educators and critiques play an important role in our enjoyment and understanding of wine, we are opposed to a rating system that appears to be absolute giving an undeserving edge to a few wines while making other equally well made wines seem inferior.

We believe that wine should be freed from pretentiousness and should be introduced with transparency and authenticity.  We drink wine for no other reason but because it gives us pleasure.  We don’t believe that wine by itself should be described as sophisticated or intellectually gratifying.

Our Core Values: 

INTEGRITY –   At C. G. Di Arie we are the caretakers of the land. We are committed to caring for our vineyards in applying sustainable viticulture practices.

COMMITMENT & QUALITY – As growers and winemakers we grow our grapes to achieve maximum character that will define our region, our vineyards and each specific variety that we cultivate.  From the field to the bottle, our winemaking process is designed to maximize the potential that the grapes possess.

SERVICE & EDUCATION – We believe in a partnership with our customers and strive to have them share our passion, our endeavor and enterprise.

PASSION –    Finally, we believe that it is our mission to engage, educate and transform our customers to become a part of the “Culture of Wine.”

OUR HOPE – is that we will succeed in this endeavor and create a brand recognition beyond our region in the rest of the United States and the world.