Winemaker’s Corner

My Pre-Harvest Assessment – 2020!

What’s going on with the weather,is this a part of the curse known as “Global Warming”? Whatever it is I don’t like it. First, the season started with unusually cooler weather with occasional rains which are very rare in May in this region. And now we have the longest...

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The Culture of Aging of Wine

In my mind the aging of wine is definitely a culture. Just think about it. Is it so obvious that a wine will improve with aging? Quite the contrary. If you consider wine to be a food, like you should, the quality of all foods, without exception, will decline with...

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The Art of Blending

I have some great plans for 2020.  I am putting together a workshop to teach you how to make blends.  But first listen to this: The tradition of making blends from different wine varieties, practiced mainly in the old-world wine regions, dates back to at...

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Wine Snobs and their Cronies

I analyzed this subject very carefully and arrived at the conclusion that there are three kinds of wine snobs: The Regular Wine Snob, the Fake Wine Snob and the Wannabe Wine Snob.  In this article I will describe each one of them at length.The Regular Wine Snob...

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